M.W., The Hague

From the moment Yvonne opens the door you feel welcome. She has a pleasant way of enquiring what’s going on in order to decide what to focus on during the treatment. The treatments are a special experience and it’s effects have always done me well. The treatments support what is going on in your life. I would definitely recommend Yvonne.

J., The Hague

Five years into a depression I started cutting down on medicine. I talked to a friend how intense it was. I really needed peace of mind. My friend recommended shiatsu. Each of Yvonne treatments have given me the support to make the transition. My complaints of being too sensitive, tired, bad nights and stress disappeared. The touch and deep relaxation that I experienced during the treatments were SUPERB. In the days, sometimes weeks after the treatment I felt more relaxed and more energetic at the same time. I slept beautifully. It´s as if with each treatment my ‘reset’ button was pushed and I was able to face life. I still come for treatments, for peace of mind and prevention from stress building up. It’s effects trickle down through to everyday life.

Joanna, The Hague

The shiatsu treatments by Yvonne have supported me to be more in touch with my body. I feel more safe in this world. My contact with people I meet is more intense, this is a very positive result for me.

mw. R., The Hague

I have a market stand and my back has been bothering me for the last 10 years. I have tried lots of therapies and several kinds op medicine. Yvonne treated me twice and the pain has nearly subsided. I still can’t believe it. I should have discovered and tried shiatsu much earlier!