Shiatsu Benefits

Shiatsu is beneficial in case of:

  • Several physical complaints, such as general tiredness, tension, burn-out, insomnia, headache as well as getting easily and often ill
  • Complaints of a more emotional background, like depression, anxiety, restlessness. Shiatsu works calming, comforting and provides more balance
  • Shiatsu can also work on chronic matters such as muscle and joint complaints, back pain, skin irritation, digestion difficulties; and
  • Female matters such as irregular and/ or painful period, pregnancy or menopause.

Shiatsu is always relaxing

Shiatsu works on the parasympathetic system (the system that comes into action when you are relaxing). It’s effects are revitalizing, calming and strengthening of your basic condition. It also improves your sense of what is going on in your body, which helps you to take control over your well-being. Shiatsu can also be enjoyed simply for relaxation.

Complementary therapy

Shiatsu is complementary to mainstream Western medicine and/or psycho-therapy.  In case of severe ailments, shiatsu does not replace Western medicine. I always recommend that you notify your doctor – specialist when taking up shiatsu.

In clinics in Japan, UK and USA it is more common for proven complementary therapies to be offered alongside regular Western medicine.  In the Netherlands such `integrated medicine´ (using best of both worlds) is offered in an array of hospitals, but is often still encountered by quite some scepticism. Further information on integrative medicine in The Netherlands, see (information in Dutch only).