Welcome at Shiatsu Works!

Welcome to Shiatsu Works, a Shiatsu practice in The Hague! Shiatsu is a manual therapy originating in Japan aimed at relieving physical and mental issues and is deeply relaxing. Shiatsu treatments are reimbursed partially by almost all insurance companies if you are additionally insured.

Shiatsu proves highly beneficial for addressing numerous complaints. Among my clients, common issues include:

  • Back –shoulder- or neck pain,
  • Women’s issues surrounding the period or menopause,
  • Pain,
  • Anxiety, depression and or burn-out; and
  • People dealing with cancer treatment and suffer from nausea, tiredness, anxiety, poor sleep, neuropathies and poor overall wellbeing.

Apart from aimed at physical or mental ailments, Shiatsu can also be enjoyed as a thoroughly relaxing moment to reconnect and harmonise body, mind and soul.