Facial Rejuvenation treatment

Facial acupressure targets your wrinkles, crows-feet, sagging eye-lids, jowls and neck. For optimal results book this all natural rejuvenation treatment once a week for about 7-10 weeks (depending on your age, life-style and wishes). Changes are lasting: depending on your age, lifestyle and wishes a series lasts a good 3 to 5 years. If you keep up the treatments at a greater interval after the serie of 7-10 treatments you can really slow down the ageing process. Please have a look around the internet to see for yourself. In the treatment also points on your body are targeted and as such your overall health will increase as a wonderful bonus!

Alongside the body & face treatment dietary advice is given, as well as tips for lifestyle, skincare products or supplements. This will enhance the effect of the facial.

Ancient Knowledge

The Empress & the concubines used it. Now you can too! Book your facial rejuvenation treatment as a separate treatment (allow for 1/2 hour). Or as an extra to your shiatsu.

Please note, this treatment is considered a beauty treatment, and as such NOT eligible for reimbursement by insurance companies.