Baby & Children’s Shiatsu

Babies and children can greatly benefit from shiatsu!

I have trained in Japanese pediatric accupuncture (shonishin).  As I practice shiatsu (to which accupuncture is greatly related), I combine these shonishin instruments and my shiatsu touch.

Babies and children have other needs than adults. Treatment is adapted accordingly. For instance, treatment time is quite short. For babies at most 5 minutes. As children grow older, therapy time lengthens up to 20 minutes. Even such short treatments can have great effects on babies and children. The treatment of children under 16 years requires written consent from both parents.

Treatment is done in a playfull manner and there is no need for the child to lie or be still for the duration of the treatment . Adults always accompany their child during treatment. Treatment may even take place on the lap of the father or mother.

Shiatsu can be of help in various problems/diseases, such as (but not restricted to)

– (recurring) common cold and ear infection

–  constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain

– lack of appetite

– behavioral, emotional and sleep problems (irritable child, does not easily settle down, sleeps badly, cries and screams a lot)