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You are what you eat / Culinary Coaching

Now available is culinary coaching. Your diet is a very important factor in maintaining your health. Hippocrates – founder of western medicine already said it: Let Food be Thy Medicine and Medicine Thy Food. I earned a Culinary Coaching certificate from Harvard Medical School / lifestyle medicine departement during the Covid lockdown (online programme).

Burn Out en Shiatsu

Burn out behandelen met shiatsu om lichamelijke en geestelijke klachten aan te pakken. Onderzoek laat zien dat wekelijkse shiatsu behandelingen helpen de klachten te verminderen en weer richting en zin in het leven te krijgen.

In december 2016 kwam Mike Mandl les geven over burn out en shiatsu; ofwel Burn On With Shiatsu! Een geweldig tweedaags seminar met heldere uitleg, praktische interventies en technieken over hoe te behandelen in de verschillende fasen van burn out. Ik heb dat wat ik heb geleerd tijdens dit seminar al veel in de praktijk toegepast.

Mike is een gerespecteerde leraar uit Wenen en gespecialiseerd in het behandelen van mensen met een burn out met shiatsu. In zijn school in Wenen worden mensen met burn out gedurende 10 weken behandeld. De resultaten mogen er zijn. Deelnemers verklaren zich beter in hun vel te voelen, slaap- en andere lichamelijke klachten nemen af en men ervaart over het algemeen meer controle over het leven en minder sombere gevoelens.

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8 october seminar with Diego Sanchez (Uruguay)

Words, Touch and Intuition: The Importance of Meaning in the Therapeutic Relationship

Open to all kinds of body workers, not just shiatsu practitioners

8 october, Shofukan – Japanese Cultural Centre in Rotterdam.

“Understanding the meaning, the WHY, or for what purpose the symptom is there, opens the door for a quick and total recovery from almost anything”.

Shiatsu touch opens the dialogue with the intuitive Self that talks through the body and the unconscious mind.  Learning to organize this intuitive information, brings clarity to the therapeutic process and facilitates healing at all levels.

We’ll look at

  • the meaning hidden in the client’s description of the symptoms.
  • the meaning of the information that comes through our touch.
  • the meaning of images that arrive through our inner vision.
  • the language we can use to integrate this information and give it back to the client, to make our sessions more effective.

Seminar is from 9.30 am till 17.30 pm

Cost 85 euro´s including lunch, coffee and tea

Register at

Registration is final when contribution is received at account number NL64 TRIO 0198 0116 79


Diego Sanchez

Diego has been practicing and teaching shiatsu and meditation for over 20 years.
He specializes in supporting critical illness patients with shiatsu and shamanic techniques.

He was born and raised in Uruguay but lived in several European countries before moving to New York City. He was there at the time of the attacks on 9-11 and worked at Ground Zero and other locations giving shiatsu to the rescue workers, police and army personnel. He was a member of the staff in Dr Oz’ integrative Medicine Program at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, giving shiatsu to open-heart surgery and organ transplant patients in the Intensive Care Unit.

He worked over 6 years as a volunteer at a support center for people with cancer, HiV and AIDS as well as in a hospice service in NYC. He now lives in Uruguay where he organizes internationally attended retreats and teaches regularly in Europe and USA.